Behind the Brand

sexy / confident / feminine
strong / comfortable / unapologetic
romantic / independent / flirty
beautiful / fierce / passionate

These are just a few of the words that describe how lingerie makes us feel. So why have we been shopping at brands that define lingerie by words like small / medium / large? 

LoveSuze was born from the desire to simplify lingerie, so you can focus on why you’re wearing it in the first place. We set out to offer an alternative in an industry that has always measured a woman by her size, an industry that requires you to buy a size up or down if your body changes (and whose doesn’t?) 

We wanted to create a lingerie line that is defined not by your size, but by how it makes you feel – confident, comfortable, unapologetic, sexy. This is lingerie made for you – for you right now, for you when your weight changes, for you any time you want. This is lingerie that’s one size. 

This is LoveSuze.