Our Story

LoveSuze was born from the desire to simplify lingerie. We set out to offer an alternative in an industry that has always assumed that all women fit into perfect sizes (by the way, we don’t).  A woman’s body fluctuates month to month or even day to day. Sometimes we’re a medium and sometimes we’re a large. Every body is different even if they wear the same size.  There is a slightly bigger medium and a slightly smaller medium.  You could be a small at the beginning of the month and a medium at the end of the month. 

Now imagine a world where when we fluctuate in size, our lingerie does too.  Imagine a world where being the perfect size doesn’t matter. LoveSuze creates lingerie to move, to stretch, and to recover with a woman's body.  We design, with a flex-sizing format, underwear that comes in three sizes and is flexible in the way it stretches and adapts to a woman's body. Our lingerie is designed to cater to every body, even to an individual woman's changing shape.  I’ve spent years understanding how to find the best raw materials and fit for every body type. I wanted to create a lingerie brand that doesn’t define a woman by being a perfect size, but by how it makes her feel – comfortable, confident, unapologetic, sexy, and perfectly imperfect.  This is lingerie made for you – for you right now, for you when your weight changes, for you anytime you want.  This is lingerie that is the perfect fit for you. This is Flex-sizing by LoveSuze. 

Why LoveSuze?

Years ago, at the beginning of my career, focus groups were a significant part of my day. I loved hearing from customers when they gathered with my team. One customer’s comments have stayed with me over the years, and ultimately helped change the path of my career.

The thing I remember most about this particular woman was her honesty. She and the other focus group attendees were asked to bring in their favorite bra and panty and discuss the reasons for their selection. My colleagues and I went around the room collecting responses, and hers was the one I’ll never forget. She’d brought in two bras and two panties—in two different styles and in two different sizes. Why? Because her curves fluctuated. She even mentioned that, depending on where she was in her menstrual cycle, one bra and panty would be more comfortable than the other—and every woman in the room could relate. She had identified a problem that all women deal with, that the lingerie industry didn’t care to address.

Fast forward to 2018. Having escaped corporate America's lingerie industry, I was contemplating my next steps, ready to start my own business. I asked myself the one question all entrepreneurs ask themselves: “What problem am I trying to solve?”  For me, this was simple. I wanted to create a line where feeling sexy and beautiful didn’t take the place of comfort and wearability. That customer’s comments were still bouncing around in my mind, and I thought: What if size was no longer such a major part of how we shop? What if your favorite bra and panty adjusted with the fluctuations of your body?  

This was the beginning of LoveSuze. 

Why Flex-Sizing Lingerie?

Because your body fluctuates. A woman’s body changes on a day-to-day basis. Our styles are created with this in mind. LoveSuze lingerie moves with you making your sexiest lingerie your most comfortable.

Because your physique is unique. We've spent years studying your curves. We understand the way your body changes. Let us help you find the perfect fit. We promise to love, support and lift you.

Because you should be confident. Flex-Sizing™ embraces your ever changing shape so you're in control. The right fit gives confidence. The right lingerie makes everything better.